During Beyond Walls 2019 Street Art Festival, Felipe Ortiz and Ivan Salazar represented Fresco Exchange creating small murals throughout the city --- in both the Downtown and other neighborhoods.

FRESCO EXCHANGE, founded in 2016, aims to bridge the creative gap between Colombian and US culture around art -- from the messages that engage local communities, to the opportunities for artists in both countries. Fresco collaborates with city planners, community organizers, galleries, and festivals to host full-circle travel exchanges for artists in Colombia and the US.

“Over the past three years, we’ve curated annual exhibits that included work from over 70 muralists from both countries. Through our projects, five US-based artists have contributed to cultural initiatives in Colombia, and we hosted three established Colombian muralists during our 2018 US Public Art Tour from Massachusetts to California, with another tour planned this summer.

Our core mission is to share ideas between creative economies and exchange best practices in the arts. Through our cultural experiences, we can encourage artistic leaders from both nations to make progress overcoming the challenges to creative success in their communities. As a result, Colombian artists have learned more entrepreneurial skills for their craft, while US artists have become inspired to collaborate more closely with local residents. We can also connect these communities through arts focused programming to share cultural expression across regions”.

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